The Most Excellent of Monkeys

- taken from Danincet Fossai’s lecture “They Made Great Pets”, Hrazbo-Y lecture series, 288 MSY.

“The Hannumin, or Hannu, are a race of small, talking monkey-men ranging from 2.5-4ft. in height, with prehensile tails and large, curious eyes. Hannu lack the strength of men, but possess tremendous natural agility and athleticism, particularly with regard to climbing, leaping and balance.

Widely regarded as adorable, the Hannu are found in a variety of climes ranging from the cold lower slopes of Mt. Parvishta to the dinosaur-plagued jungle of the Hannikum suburbs. An interesting note: no Hannu neighborhoods remain inside Hannikum:CITY, though ancient Hannu burial sites abound, leading misanthropists to speculate that the cannibalistic human residents ate the indigenous Hannu population at some point prior to Hannikum joining CITY.

The Hannu are a simple race; childlike in both size and intellectual capacity. They have no written language of their own and make few tools. The beautiful temples of their home city of Bessho were constructed for them by the architects of the ancient Gate Builder Empire, whose love for their “pets” is clearly shown by the profusion of ornately decorated Hannu-sized buildings. It is from these we get the Hannu nickname ‘temple monkey”.

In their simplicity, the Hannu have personified the great Gates into a pantheon of ineffectual gods. They believe each Gate is a part of a god, which protrudes into the mortal realm. Since we built the great Gates, it is accurate to say the Hannu worship us.

Hannu also suffer from a peculiar mental defect; they utterly lack foresight. Considering the consequences is as foreign to a Hannu as the notion to scratch ones own ass with his tail is to a man. It is a rare Hannu that can transcend this racial flaw, only a few appear in each generation. The current junior Senator from Bessho, Piwinici, is one such Hannu.

This is not to say that Hannu culture is entirely lacking. Their monastic tradition, meditation techniques, and unarmed fighting styles are highly developed, which is not uncommon among the uncivilized people —note the Ajakhani. A Hannu Grandmaster, armed only with his empty paws and hannu-jitsu, is a sight to behold, and better than even money in the gladiatorial pits against an armed giant.

A species of unusually tall Hannu can be found as far away as the Islands of Ajakhan. Called Varana by the locals, they dwell on the slopes of Mt. Wu and occupy themselves with quaint customs such as reading tea-leaves and weaving colorful scarves.”

You’re a Hannu, a rambunctious creature notorious for curiosity and mischief. Yours is a small people with earth-toned to golden course fur, pointed ears, beady eyes, and big mouths (literally and figuratively). A lack of foresight and penchant for humor are time-honored traditions in your culture, making you a natural prankster, rogue, and rapscallion. Despite your ilk’s stubby stature and ill-deserved reputation for cowardice, you’re a rough-and-tumble little bugger who can be incredibly tenacious when you set your mind to something.

Most Hannu are born in pairs or threes and you probably grew up in a tree home with around a dozen others, fighting for limited food and attention. This makes you intensely competitive and self-aggrandizing—the more you can show others up, the better. It sometimes makes life with an adventuring party… interesting, but your boisterous nature and loyalty keep things on an even keel.

Common Personality Traits: Child-like, creative, exuberant, grand-standing, nosy, persistent, quick-witted, shifty, spirited.
Common Physical Traits: Child-like appearance, expressive features, fast hands, hairy, light-fingered, hyperactive motion, surprisingly tough and resilient, scrawny build, surprisingly quick.
Example Names: Andol, April, Autumn, Banin, Bradoc, Jasmine, Jordo, Malin, May, Rose, Silvertea, Tondol.

Height: 2’10-3’2.
Weight: 52-75 lbs.


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